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Let us show our love for Muslims by praying for them!
Ramadan 6 May – 4 June 2019

Ramadan is an annual Muslim observance period of 30 days. During this time Muslims fast, perform certain religious duties and do personal reflection. For Muslims it is a period of increased spiritual awareness.  As Christians we desire for all Muslims to come into a relationship with God as their Father, who has shown His love for them through the sacrificial work of our Lord Jesus on the cross.
Use the focus areas and prayer points that will be provided daily on this page during Ramadan. These prayer points will also be available in our Jericho Walls Prayer App so that you can receive them daily on your mobile phone. You can also download the complete Jericho Walls Prayer Guide Ramadan 2019 in English.

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Click on the Topic of the day to read the full text in the prayer guide or DOWNLOAD the Ramadan Prayer Guide 2019

Day 1: Sheikhs and Imams
A sheikh is the leader of a community, village, town or tribe. An imam is the leader of a mosque. They are influential people and usually exert much influence over their communities. Pray for more sheikhs and imams to meet Jesus, especially radically Islamic ones. 

Day 2 – Turkmenistan, Central Asia
Turkmenistan lacks basic freedoms, judicial independence, accountable institutions, and it discriminates against ethnic minorities. The country is still one of the world’s most oppressive regimes. Pray for registered house churches that have the vision to expand, and bless those who seek to register new house churches successfully (Isaiah 43:11).

Day 3 – Human disaster in Yemen
Many describe what is happening in Yemen as the biggest humanitarian disaster of our time: War, famine, illness, lack of basic human needs, lack of education for children, the psychological devastation of war, poverty, and the lack of a peace process, etc. Pray that in spite of all the suffering and hardship, Yemenis will be open to hear about the love of God and the salvation that is in Jesus Christ.

Day 4 – The Hausa in Nigeria
The Hausa are the largest people group in Africa’s most populous nation, having converted from tribal religions to Islam over many centuries. Boko Haram’s atrocities deeply affect the Hausa in the North. The Hausa have strategic influence in several nations. Ask God for a gospel movement among these dear people to spill over in God’s blessing to many neighbouring peoples.


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