Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

People in Muslim countries can easily listen to a Christian radio broadcast. There are many radio stations that are broadcasting into the Arab world (North Africa and the Middle East), in Arabic, Farsi for Iran, Pashtun/Urdu/Malay/Hindi and many other languages for South, South-east and Central Asia.

There are remarkable testimonies on how God is at work through radio broadcasts.


  • For Spirit-filled radio presenters.
  • For more people to tune in to these broadcasts.
  • For open hearts for the people that will listen.


Some years ago FEBA radio was broadcasting to the Pashtun in Pakistan and Afghanistan. It is a people group of 40 million people and nearly totally unreached with the gospel. They got about 60 responses per month. Then one of the leaders visited a network of churches in a country in Latin America. Some 25 churches committed themselves to pray regularly for this group and the broadcasts. Suddenly the number of responses surpassed 100 and within a few months more than 1000 and it just kept increasing. God answers prayer.


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