Egypt’s President el-Sisi has been ruling over Egypt since 2013, and has great influence over the most populous country in the Arab world – one of the most culturally influential.

His approach to governing Egypt has become increasingly controversial. He was never a politician and has been running the country almost by himself. He views the Muslim Brotherhood as violent terrorists and serious threats to Egypt’s security. In his ongoing efforts to “destroy” them, el-Sisi has become authoritarian.

The army has killed and arrested far more people in the last few years than it had under former President Mubarak. El-Sisi has also  cracked down on the press, silenced political opposition, and leads without a political party. The 2018 election was widely viewed as a sham after El-Sisi jailed all but one of the opposition candidates.

However, El-Sisi is friendly toward Christians, has rebuilt many churches destroyed by the army and the Muslim Brotherhood, and publicly affirms Christians as Egyptian citizens who have vital ongoing contributions to make to the future of Egypt.

What would happen if President el-Sisi put his trust in Jesus Christ? What if he openly shared that with a listening world?


  • There are more and more rumours and complaints that people are persecuted and suppressed and that there is not really free expression of opinion anymore. Pray for this situation.
  • The president has to handle a very difficult economic situation in the aftermath of the Arab Spring and Covid-19. He is expected to perform miracles in a very difficult situation and some of the expectations are simply not realistic – irrespective of who will be president. Pray for him for wisdom and for political stability.
  • There are some very definite indications that increasing numbers of people are coming to Christ right now. No numbers are available. Please pray for Christians to be bold witnesses.

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