Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

Terrorism and extremism are on the rise.

Muslims attacking Christians are on the rise. It is a topic fraught with controversy and high emotion. When someone dares say that the group that attacked was from Muslim origin, it is described as Islamophobia, Xenophobia and a whole list of other terms. It is not politically “correct” to say that jihadists and Muslim extremists are Muslims. A case in point is the recent bomb explosions in Sri Lanka. For politicians, it was seemingly impossible to say that it was Muslim extremists that attacked Christians and some other soft targets. It is definitely not true that all terrorist attacks are from Muslims. But at the present moment, at least 80% of all terrorist attacks are being done by Muslim extremists.

As long as the world deny this fact, we will not be able to move forward. As long as politicians are not willing to speak out on this, we will not be able to deal with many things that endanger society.

There are names for prejudice against Muslims – Islamophobia, Jews – Semitism,  foreigners – Xenophobia, and also for Buddhists and Hindus. But there is no such word for attacks and prejudice towards Christians. It is as if Christians does not exist and that they are irrelevant to some extent.


  • For a global awakening towards the attacks on the church from many sides.
  • For laws that will protect the rights of Christians just as it protects the rights of other groups in the specific nations.
  • For Christians to speak out against all forms of injustice and also to be a voice for other groups that are suffering injustice.
  • That Christians will overcome animosity and violence against themselves with acts of love and forgiveness.


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