Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

Regardless of where we live, Christ’s peace can overcome every trouble and turmoil.

Jesus’ peace is for Yemen, where war and famine claim the lives of children, and for uprooted Syrian and Iraqi families seeking refuge in other nations. It is for the families of Gaza, a contested territory enmeshed in hostilities between Israelis and Palestinians. From Boise to Baghdad, Jesus’ peace is available in every uncertainty. And for all who call on Christ as Saviour, He gives peace for eternity.


  • Pray that Muslim families surrounded by unrest will discover peace in Christ and embrace Him as the Savior who has overcome the world.
  • Pray for peace between Israelis and Palestinians in Gaza, a contested strip of land. Pray for cycles of violence to give way to peace, and ask God to establish justice and meaningful reconciliation in this land.
  • Ask God for the lifting of tensions between Iran, its neighbours, and global powers. Pray that the growing Iranian house church movement will multiply, with new believers added every day. Pray for Jesus to be worshipped throughout this vast land.


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