Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

Many people think only about Hindus when they think about India.
India has 200 million Muslim adherents, which makes it the 3rd largest population of Muslims in any country in the world.


  • Ask that God would stir up personal, intimate prayer in the hearts of Muslim Background Believers in India.
  • Many Muslims are coming to the Lord.  Pray that He would give them hearts that run towards the person of God continually, and that He would protect them from cultural, religious and formal prayers.  
  • Pray that they would seek Him in prayer for more than just their own needs.
  • Pray that Muslim Background Believers in India would come to know Jesus more and more as their rescuer.  
  • Pray that He would penetrate through every cultural barrier and every lie of the enemy to rescue them from themselves and their own difficulties. 


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