Roughly 500 million Buddhists in the world today.


Buddhism is the fourth-largest religion in the world. But how many Buddhists do you know personally? Tragically around 86% of the world’s roughly 500 million Buddhists have never spoken with a Christian.

Buddhists do not believe in a supreme god or deity. Instead, they seek to achieve personal nirvana, a state of enlightenment where craving and suffering are ended. It’s a life of striving and doing – and falling short.

But every Buddhist man, woman, and child is deeply loved by Jesus. And He wants to satisfy their souls with His peace. He’s the only one who can!

It will take a move of God to reach these souls with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
The first step? PRAYER!

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More information about Buddhism
Jericho Walls Resource: Guidelines to pray for Buddhists

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