Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

From a pastor in one of the big cities in Egypt:

This week I was sitting at my car mechanic’s workshop, and in the midst of the noisy and bustling Muslim neighbourhood, my poor, Christian mechanic (3 words that all signify lack of power and status) was talking to me with absolute confidence about how “God is moving in Egypt and drawing all of this country to himself.”

This kind of confidence is taking hold of the Orthodox and Evangelical church here, because God is doing many public healings and demons are being cast out. Many Muslims are coming to churches where Coptic priests are known to heal or cast out demons in Jesus’ name. It is one thing that is empowering poor, powerless, persecuted Christians and gives them a sense of joyful confidence.

In one specific well-known church in Cairo for instance, you have to arrive literally hours before the service starts to get a seat. Many Muslims openly come to these types of meetings.

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