Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

Too many people have no secure foundation. This time of change – a decade of war and now Covid-19 – is shaking many people.

It is also true for the people in the Muslim world. Large numbers of Muslims say that they do not experience any personal relationship with Allah. This is why many cry out for “Someone” that will comfort and care for them.

The lives of literally millions of Muslims have been disrupted by the decade-old war that followed the Arab Spring. Hundreds of thousands died. And now many are being infected by the Covid-19 virus. In a country like Iran more than 17,000 are already infected and some died.


  • Pray for the church to reach out to these people with much compassion and wisdom.
  • Pray that the church will live out hope and share hope by their acts, love and message.
  • Pray that God will direct his children to those who are desperate, fearful, lonely, sick and need of food, housing and clothing.


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