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ISIS is to “disappear” into society but new groups are also emerging. As ISIS’s territory continues to shrink, new concerns regarding the group are growing. ISIS leaders have planned to return “to their roots as a guerrilla force after the loss of their territory in Iraq and Syria.”

Continue to pray for the salvation of ISIS leaders and soldiers. Some have come to know Jesus. Ask that planned attacks will be found out and stopped. Give thanks to the Lord for answering many prayers to restrain the devastation of ISIS in many nations.

One of the biggest problems at this stage is the fact that several new radical groups are emerging – they integrate some of the ISIS fighters in their organisations. Other groups like al Qaida is growing again. The problem is not disappearing as ISIS is being stopped to a large extend. The power is just being transferred to other groups.


  • For the influence of ISIS to be totally broken.
  • That new and other existing groups will lose their power base and the they will not be able to recruit new members.
  • Pray that no new, unholy and harmful alliances will be formed. “Destroy o Lord, divide their tongues.” Psalms.55:9.

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