Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

It is true that in many countries Muslim majority nations there is moderately more freedom to preach the gospel. But it is also true that in many nations like Egypt, Algeria, Iran, Eritrea, Somali and some areas in Kenya, persecution is on the increase or there is a constant pressure on Christians.

Persecution fluctuates. Many times, there is a window of opportunity. Then we must use it.

There is a window of opportunity amongst the people from Iraq, Syria and refugees from Pakistan and Afghanistan. That window may soon close again.

Let us pray:

  • For the Christians situations where persecution is on the increase – that they will have much wisdom on how to move forward.
  • For mature leaders to give leadership to the church in these nations.
  • For doors to stay open so that the church will be able to continue to preach and demonstrate the gospel.

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