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The International Organization for Migration (IOM) helps migrants returning home from Libya.

Desperate West African migrants are fleeing joblessness and violence, hoping for a better life in Europe. They sometimes pay exorbitant fees to smugglers to get to Libya, the nearest launch pad for Italy. Few realize that Libya in its current lawless condition may well be the end of their journey and their lives. Slavery is alive and well in Libya and is being practiced openly. The UN agency, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) reports, “The situation is dire.”

Betrayed by ruthless smugglers, kidnapped off of the streets, sub-Saharan migrants are ruthlessly exploited by money-hungry Arabs. Some are sold; others are imprisoned.
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Escapees describe squalid conditions in prison, little food, and always forced labour. Captors regularly call home demanding a ransom. Men whose ransoms are not quickly paid are executed. With meager food and unsanitary conditions, the death rate is rampant.

What started as a dream and hope for a better life and future ends for many in slavery or death. The IOM has repatriated 1,500 people in the first three months of this year.
(?Source: Emergency Prayer Alert,? Window International Network)

Pray? for:
  • The IOM as it addresses the terrible sin of slavery being perpetrated in Libya. Pray God gives them creative ideas in stemming the tide of vulnerable refugees as well as repatriating as many as possible (The Bible, Deuteronomy 23:15).
  • Those involved in the slave trade to fall into the pit they have planned for their victims (The Bible, Psalm 57:6).
  • The victims of slavery to acknowledge their helplessness and cry out to The Almighty God for help and salvation (The Bible, Psalm 23 ).
  • Christians around the world to become knowledgeable and concerned about those treated inhumanely. Pray for Christians to raise their voices in prayer to God, asking Him for divine intervention to stop this terrible atrocity (The Bible, Psalm 40:17).

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