The question was asked at our weekly men’s group to share something miraculous that has happened in your life. My mind jumped to a few different occasions, but very quickly settled on my very first mission trip in 2007. It was mid-November, and we were a small group of South Africans on our way to visit our brothers and sisters in Christ in a small Himalayan nation.

One of the men in our group was a diabetic and had to inject himself with insulin daily. The one afternoon, we arrived in a very small village, and after checking into our accommodation, he mentioned that he had forgotten his insulin at the hotel where we had checked out that morning. We decided to try and get him more insulin when we reached the next town that is slightly larger than the village where we were at that stage.

That evening we visited a Christian family. The father of the family was a medical doctor and held a prominent position in the country’s capital until his colleagues discovered that he was a Christian. They pressurised him to leave his Christian faith or else they would sabotage his career. When he did not give in to their threats, they started demoting and relocating him until he and his family ended up in this small village where we met them.

He then shared with us the great news that he had a job interview with UNICEF the next morning in the capital and asked that we should please pray for him. At the end of the evening, we prayed for the family and specifically for the job interview the following day.

The next morning, we were pleasantly surprised when we walked into the dining area for breakfast and saw another Westerner sitting at one of the tables. Up until that point, we had seen very few other tourists. Upon introducing ourselves to the man, he mentioned that he had actually visited South Africa just a couple of months prior, to attend a conference in Cape Town regarding diabetes!

We immediately mentioned to him the situation that we found ourselves in with regards to the member of our group who forgot his insulin in the previous town, and that we were simply planning on buying new insulin when we got to a bigger town along our journey. The man adamantly advised us against this and said it would definitely be best if we could rather get the insulin from the hotel in the previous town.

As we were wrapping our minds around the miracle that had just occurred, we remembered that the doctor was heading to the capital (where the insulin had been left behind) for his job interview. Our group leader called the doctor and asked him whether he would kindly pick up the insulin, and late that evening he returned from his interview and brought the insulin along.

I do not know how anyone could reason that our meeting with the American gentleman, in that small Himalayan village, was purely by chance or accident. The number of things that had to fall into place for us to meet in that dining area that morning, to learn that we should rather get the original insulin that was left behind in the hotel, still blows my mind.

The original story was shortened.
Source: INContext International Ministries

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