Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

During a simple church activation training in Turku, Finland, a 70-year old man discovered Jesus over coffee. This is reported by church planter Charles Kridiotis.

“It was a remarkable thing,” Kridiotis said. “We were meeting a smaller group in a cafe in the city centre, when a 70-year old man came in for his morning coffee. He listened as I taught and then joined us at our table and after a while asked questions.”

“To make a long story short: he gave his life to the Lord and was then baptized in the sea. He then joined us for the whole training weekend and gave a couple of incredible insights for a couple of minutes on both days. At the end of the training session he was crying as I prayed with him – tears of joy at having found Jesus and the peace he had been longing for all his life, and tears of regret, “if only I had heard the gospel earlier and not wasted my years”. (paraphrased)
Source: Joel News International

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