Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

M5 – Pray for the Muslim World

M5 is a prayer initiative inviting Christians to spend at least 5 minutes in prayer twice a week to pray for Muslims to become Jesus-followers; to understand Jesus’ love for them and that He paid the price for their sins so that they can have full assurance of God’s forgiveness and have complete assurance of going to heaven. Subscribe now and stay informed of prayer needs in the Muslim world. You can also join our weekly ISA Prayer Watch via WApp, which focusses on prayer issues regarding Muslims in South Africa.

Watch More than Dreams, which are five true stories of Muslims whose lives were transformed when they saw Jesus Christ in a dream or a vision. May this encourage you to continue in fervent prayer for the Muslim world!


There are names for prejudice against Muslims – Islamophobia, Jews – Semitism,  foreigners – Xenophobia, and also for Buddhists and Hindus. But there is no such word for attacks and prejudice towards Christians.

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When Muslims become Christians

Sheikh Hassan Podo, a 28-year-old imam in Kerekerene village in eastern Uganda, missed mosque prayers for three consecutive weeks and was seen entering a church building.

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The economy in Tunisia as a whole is struggling, due to the 2015 terrorist attacks. It had a major effect on tourism and lead to an unstable political situation.

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Arab Spring 2.0?

Presently we see heavy protests in Algeria, Sudan and an ongoing war in several Muslim majority nations. In some nations, the wars that started in since 2011, have not quieted down.

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Bibles and Audio Bibles

The reading of the Bible is one of the top five reasons why Muslims become Christians. There is a shortage of Bibles in the Muslim world.

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The Tarabin tribe

The Tarabin is a tribe that lives primarily in the town of Nuweiba, Egypt, and surrounding desert villages. The men work in tourism as desert guides or as fishermen. The women make beautiful jewellery. This is a large tribe that spans across the Sinai Peninsula and into Israel.

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What about the Christians?

We know that at least 255 Christians die every day, simply because they are Christians. This is apart from the abductions, rape, sexual harassment, churches being burnt and imprisonments.

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Is slavery really dead in Mauritania?

Mauritania was the last country in the world to abolish slavery in 1981, and in 2007 it was criminalized, but did it become a reality? No! Institutions and practices in place for hundreds of years do not cease to exist with the stroke of a pen.

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Social media and the gospel

It is one thing to talk about using the internet and social media to share the gospel, some people are actually using it – in astonishing ways and astonishing numbers.

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ISIS as “evangelist”

People are disillusioned with Islam. ISIS claims that they are the real face of Islam. Therefore many people don’t want to be Muslim anymore.

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Arab Bedouin tribes

The Arab Bedouin tribes are some of the most unreached ethnic groups in the world. Over centuries they have been largely ignored, with no witness to Christ amongst them whatsoever.

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