Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

M5 – Pray for the Muslim World

M5 is a prayer initiative inviting Christians to spend at least 5 minutes in prayer twice a week to pray for Muslims to become Jesus-followers; to understand Jesus’ love for them and that He paid the price for their sins so that they can have full assurance of God’s forgiveness and have complete assurance of going to heaven. Subscribe now and stay informed of prayer needs in the Muslim world. You can also join our weekly ISA Prayer Watch via WApp, which focusses on prayer issues regarding Muslims in South Africa.

Watch More than Dreams, which are five true stories of Muslims whose lives were transformed when they saw Jesus Christ in a dream or a vision. May this encourage you to continue in fervent prayer for the Muslim world!

Salat (Prayer)

Muslims who keep the obligatory five prayers a day bow their foreheads to the floor 34 times each day. Prayer, for Muslims, is experienced with the whole body and practised in the same prescribed manner all over the world.

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Why are there so many violent conflicts around the Muslim World today? Where does the violence come from? 

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Non-Religious trend

Findings from a recent BBC News survey indicate a “non-religious” trend among thousands of Arabs living in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region.

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Christians killed in Mali attack

An attack in Mali has killed an estimated 95 people, including men, women and children—a third of the village. Christians are indiscriminately targeted.

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Tension between USA and Iran

Tensions between Iran and the US escalated dramatically when Iran shot down an unmanned US surveillance drone. The incident follows months of harsh rhetoric between the two nations raising concerns of the possibility of war.

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Children in the Muslim world

Islam teaches that every child on earth is born a Muslim, but regrettably, they become whatever faith tradition they grow up in. When a child is born in a Muslim family, the father will whisper the words of the call to prayer in the baby’s right ear.

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Christian Martyrs

They counted the cost. They knew Christ was worthy, and they willingly put their lives on the line and paid the ultimate price.

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Persecution of Christians in Eritrea

Hundreds of Christians have been arrested and are in prison with no way out, some have been imprisoned for 15 years. It is hard to understand why literally thousands of Christians have been arrested over all those years.

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Muslim Youth

Many Muslim young people are disillusioned with Islam today. They are resistant to their parents’ traditional values. The Muslim world is experiencing rapid change, and young people are changing along with it.

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Islam requires people to marry and have children. Marriage is a religious, social, and sometimes even economic contract between two families.

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