At the beginning of August 2020, Beirut was impacted by a huge explosion. A warehouse containing ammonium nitrate caught fire and subsequently exploded killing over 200 people and injuring 5,000. This explosion was just one of a cocktail of crises Lebanon has faced over recent years, including economic devastation, hunger, and the COVID-19 pandemic that has affected us all.

Lebanon has also taken in a huge number of refugees fleeing the conflict in Syria. There are currently 892,310 Syrian refugees in addition to the 476,033 Palestinian refugees living in Lebanon. Together, these refugees make up a quarter of Lebanon’s population. As a country that is facing severe challenges of its own, the compassion they are showing to refugees is astounding.

This country is in need of emotional healing with 25% of its population recovering from the harsh realities of conflict. The people of Beirut are also reeling from a preventable explosion. There has been civil unrest with many angry at the government for months. And, like countries across the world, they have had to contend with coronavirus. This emotional healing can only come through the peace of Christ that surpasses understanding. Will you pray today for the Prince of Peace to break through in Lebanon?

Mansoor’s story:
Mansoor* is from Syria but is now living in Lebanon. For over a year he has been having doubts about his Muslim faith. Because of these doubts, he has started to explore Christianity. He started chatting to our team online. They explained more of the Christian faith to Mansoor and arranged for  him to meet up with local believers. Mansoor told them that he finds Christians truthful and loving in an amazing way! He now meets up with local believers every Sunday. And they are encouraging him in his journey towards Christ.


  • Praise God that Mansoor is so keen to get to know Jesus. Pray that he will make a decision to become a follower of Christ.
  • Pray for the God of peace to comfort the people of Lebanon as they have faced so much suffering.
  • Pray for our teams on the ground in Lebanon. May the Lord give them the strength and provision to support the people of Beirut in the aftermath of the explosion. 
  • Pray for Syrian and Palestinian refugees as they migrate to Lebanon in search of a better, safer life for their families. Pray for safety and wisdom as some consider returning to their family neighbourhoods in the future.
  • Lebanon is the only country in the Middle East where it is not punishable by law to convert to Christianity. Pray that workers in Lebanon will take advantage of this freedom and reach out to locals with the Gospel and ultimately that all will come to know Christ.

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