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Imagine life without the Bible. How would you know the story of God’s love and forgiveness? How would you know what God wants you to do? How would you know about prayer? The Bible is like a light that shows us the path through life. But almost 400 million people don’t have the Bible in their own language. Most of these people are children. Many languages don’t have the translation of even one Bible verse. That’s because some languages don’t have an alphabet. If there is no alphabet, there are no written words. And if there are no written words, there’s no Bible. The good news is that hundreds of people all over the world are working as Bible translators. They take the words and thoughts of the Bible and write them in the words of another language. Some translators are missionaries who go to distant countries to live with the people there, learn their language and help with Bible translation. Will you not think about praying for these matters Monday to Friday? Ask your parents to find you a big world map. See if you can find India, China and Africa.

Every evening, or whenever you remember, put your hand on these countries and pray for each person living there to come to know the Lord Jesus and have a Bible of their own.

1. Understanding: Lord, I ask for Your Spirit of wisdom and revelation to rest on Bible translators so that they can do their work well (Isaiah 11:2, Proverbs 2:6).
2. Protection: Father, protect the Bible translators from danger and illness. Deliver them from evil people that want to do them harm (Psalm 16:1, Proverbs 18:10, 2 Corinthians 11:26).
3. Distribution: Father, may every person without a Bible soon have one of their own which they can read and that those who cannot read, will be able to listen to the Bible on CD or cassette.
4. Labourers: Send people to translate the Bible for those who do not know You, because they can’t believe in someone they have not heard about (Romans 10:14,17).
5. Thanksgiving: Forgive me for taking the Bible I have for granted and not reading my Bible enough. I rejoice in Your Word—it’s worth more than money (Psalm 119:14,72).

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