Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

Iran landed ninth on Open Doors’ World Watch List, a ranking of the top ten most difficult countries for Christians. The Iranian church is a church that’s been forced underground [and] into home and house churches. Many people are coming to know Jesus, not through coercion, not because it’s a Western religion, as the extremist Iranian government will tell you, but because people are desperate for answers.

The Church has a unique draw because it understands what it means to thrive under pressure. For many Iranians undergoing current crises, that’s an attractive thing. The people in Iran is nervous and scared. There is unrest and people ask question, seeking hope – asking for a new perspective on eternity.

The local Church doesn’t just survive; they thrive. The church provides the answers that people are asking. They’re doing everything that we would be doing: rallying around to get food, water to people who are cut off from health care, who are hurting; serving, caring for families who have a sick loved one; and prayer groups.

The church is large, young, and underground. And this is a Church that needs your prayer. The people of Iran need miracles.

They are praying and trying to bring the miraculous power of the Holy Spirit to their neighbours.


  • Pray for signs wonders and miracles through the church (Heb.2:4) – that God will make them a Book of Acts church.
  • For the church to reach out to non-Christians with the compassion of Jesus.
  • For solid leadership in the church.
  • The Iranian church pray especially through reading the Word – it has a great influence. Pray for more Christian literature to be made available.

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