Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap, to make them sit with princes, with the princes of His people. – Psalm 113: 7,8

November 10 is the International Day of Prayer for Yemen when Christians around the world will be uniting to pray for Yemen.  PTAP has been encouraging much prayer for Yemen due to the immense suffering of the Yemeni people from the horrors of war, resulting in the worst humanitarian disaster in the world today.  So please join in prayer again, united in the Spirit as one body of Christ, for God to have mercy upon the people and country of Yemen.

We recommend the following:

  • Spend a dedicated time of personal, focused prayer for Yemen.
  • Fast if possible.
  • Lead your family, small group, church, etc. in a time of corporate, focused prayer.
  • Share on social media that 10 November is the International Day of Prayer for Yemen and encourage your friends to pray.

Below are links to resources to help you pray.
PTAP’s Yemen page
BBC News
PTAP’s Facebook page
PTAP’s Prayermate mobile app

Here is a short testimony from a Yemeni believer and also recent prayer requests from Yemeni believers themselves.  Let’s pray along with our brothers and sisters.  They are greatly encouraged when they know that we are praying with them.

My story
I used to live with fear and hatred, and I was tired of living this way.  It made me sick.  So one day, I fervently prayed to God to free me from this unrighteousness, and God sent me a brother who was actually my neighbour He spoke to me about Christ. I saw Christ in his life. God gave me freedom as I have never experienced before. Now, when I encounter challenges (people of another faith who want to harm me and give me trouble), the only thing I have to give them is love, joy, peace, patience, and reassurance in Christ.  No more fear, no more hatred.  I have complete freedom. I can now trust in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ because He lives in me.

  • For the end of the civil war. Pray for all fighting and killing to stop. Pray for successful negotiations and a resulting ceasefire.
  • Pray against famine and cholera and all disease. Pray for all humanitarian efforts to be successful.
  • Pray for normal life to return so that the country can start to heal and prosper again. 
  • Pray for the believers to encourage other believers and seekers while travelling and continuing to reach out in other areas.  
  • Pray for believers who are ill for a full recovery.  
  • Pray for comfort for believers that are discouraged and broken-hearted losing loved-ones.  
  • Pray that under persecution and pressure, the Lord will help them to keep their mouths from speaking evil.  Pray that He will guard their hearts and that when they speak, it will be to glorify His name.  Pray that God will help them to keep reflecting the love of Christ.  
  • Pray for the believers to walk in obedience, patience, and with a humble spirit.
  • Pray for the mothers with a whole-hearted desire to be an example to their children, to raise them in the knowledge of the Lord.  Pray that as they feel overwhelmed with their limitations, that they will be strong and be an example for the next generation of believers, quoting scripture and psalms which they keep in their hearts. 
  • Pray that believers will stay healthy as they continue serving, reaching out, and teaching the Word of the Lord.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to help them open new ground, touching the hearts of those they visit.  May their words be Spirit and Life for the believers and for those that will come to faith.  Pray for strong marriages to be an image of Christ to their community and family, showing the fruit of the Spirit. 
  • Pray for media production to continue producing evangelistic programs but also to produce teachings for new believers and others to strengthen their faith. Pray that these media programs will teach them principles to live by as Christian families.
  • Pray for the protection of believers as they experience persecution, and pray that in the midst of persecution, they will be strengthened.

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