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There was much hope that Zimbabwe would change after Robert Mugabe was ousted in December 2016. But that hope was short-lived. Violent protests flared up again over the past few days. Reports surfaced in social media that the government reacted with military force to curb any form of insurrection. Some reported that the police and army killed and violently assaulted even women and children. There is however no official news of what is really happening in Zimbabwe. There was an internet blackout for a few days and many people are panicking. Fake news sources are stirring people’s fears and imaginations. Zimbabwe is a troubled nation.


How to pray:
  1. Pray for the church of Jesus Christ to rise up and take their stand on the spiritual walls of the nation to intercede; that the church will take spiritual ownership and responsibility for their nation and bring hope to the people in the land.
  2. Pray that the church will be purified and cleansed from any occult practices that weaken the church and that the voices of false prophets will be silenced. Pray the Holy Spirit will lead people to repentance and deliverance, and that the church will be empowered to preach the Gospel without fear.
  3. Pray that the strongholds of violence, corruption and retribution (both inside and outside of the government) will be demolished and that its influence over people will be destroyed.
  4. Pray that the influence of people who are creating division and are using this situation for personal benefit, will be revealed and their works are destroyed. Pray that all fake news sites will be exposed and that people will use social media with great responsibility.
  5. Pray for successful negotiations between the different political parties, and that God will raise up trustworthy godly men and women to lead this nation.
  6. Pray for the restoration of an independent and just judiciary.
  7. Pray for the restoration of the economy of Zimbabwe, so that the Zimbabwean citizens who fled to other nations can return to rebuild their nation.
  8. Pray that the SADC nations, and especially the neighbouring countries will help to restore Zimbabwe and not support any form of violence.
  9. Pray for peace to return to Zimbabwe. Jesus Christ is the Prince of Peace. Let us call on his name

Issued by Jericho Walls International Prayer Network
21 January 2019

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