What is a “Virtual Prayer Wall”?
A virtual prayer wall is a WhatsApp or Telegram group (prayer wall/room) where members of the group are invited to post their prayers. Once a week – or more often – participants can  for e.g. for one or two hours at a time, actively participate by posting written prayers on the group pertaining to a specific purpose and/or focus. Examples of such focus areas are: revival in the Church, or prayer for a city/town, for unsaved family or friends.

Comparing WhatsApp and Telegram
Although not as well known, the Telegram App functions a lot like WhatsApp, but uses less space to install on a mobile device. Telegram also uses less data to post messages. In WhatsApp, only 256 people can be added to one group. In Telegram, up to 200,000 people can be added to one group.

Step 1: Download the application
Download the WhatsApp or Telegram app on your mobile device from the App Store/iStore.

Step 2: Create a group
* Create a “Group” on WhatsApp or Telegram by selecting individuals you think can be part of the virtual prayer wall.
* Choose a name and profile picture for the group.

Step 3: Set up the group
* Post an invitation to join the group that members can forward to their friends, so they too can join the group by using the invitation link. This is by far the easiest way to invite new members.
* Members can also be added to the group by adding the names one by one.
* Be sure to ask individuals if they want to join before you add them. Never add a name without the consent of an individual.

Step 4: Set up the prayer time
A prayer group can function in different ways:
* A weekly specific prayer time can be set, e.g. Wednesdays, 18:00-20:00.
* A daily specific prayer time can be set, e.g. 19:00-20:00.
* Administrators change the group settings to allow all participants to post on the group during the designated time of prayer.
* After the prayer time is finished, group settings can be changed back so only administrators can post on the group during the times that the group is not active.

Step 5: Set up prayer focus and guidelines
* Decide on a prayer focus for the group.
* Prepare and provide simple prayer guidelines highlighting the prayer focus before the prayer time starts.
* Remind group members of the prayer focus during the designated prayer time.
* At the start of every prayer time, post a short message explaining the basic rules for the prayer time so new participants will also be informed.
* To save data, ask participants not to post any pictures, videos, emojis, long prophesies, devotional passages, personal prayer requests, etc.

In conclusion
A virtual prayer wall is a flexible and scalable prayer group that can easily engage believers from different parts of the country or even from other parts of the world, to pray together for specific topics or issues.

Scripture says in Matthew 18:20 that where two or three are gathered together in His name, He is there in  the midst of them. Although a virtual prayer wall does not bring people together physically, they are one in spirit as they pray together at the same hour.  The Holy Spirit brings unity in the group, even though believers may never meet the other members personally.

Praise God that through technology it is possible to build a virtual prayer wall – praying for His kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven, so that He may be glorified!

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