…According to God’s Word
  • God is in control for it is He who sets up kings and deposes them. He knows what lies in darkness. (Dan.2:20-22).
  • We pray for those in authority, so that that we may live peaceful and quiet lives for God wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth (1Tim.2:1-4).
  • Our rulers’ hearts are in Your hand, Lord; direct it like a watercourse wherever You please (Prov.21:1).
  • For wicked councillors to be removed from the presence of our government leaders (Prov.25:5).
  • For all darkness and secret dealings to be exposed and brought into the light (Eph.5:13).
  • For our leaders to listen to God’s voice and not the voice of any occult practitioners (Deut.18:14).
  • For forgiveness of our government for any bloodshed, injustice, immorality and idolatry (Jn.20:23).
  • That our Government will not set themselves against Jesus, but align themselves with the truth (Ps.2:2).
  • For the stability of our government (Prov.28:2).
  • For our leaders to be wise and to serve the Lord with fear and rejoice with trembling (Ps.2:10-11).

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