Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

The following is extracts from a recent prayer letter of Praying through the Arabian Peninsula (PTAP):

  • Ali calls himself an agnostic but enjoys speaking with Christians about matters of faith.  Pray that he will be vulnerable to recognize his own need of a Saviour and that God’s Spirit will give him the grace to believe.
  • Pray for a new believer who is seeking work. Living at the mercy of her family’s generosity is very difficult. Pray that she will be encouraged and grow in her trust of her Lord during this trying time of waiting for provision. Ask that she will be a light in her family and they will be drawn to His love flowing through her.
  • Imagine how it must feel to be the only follower of Jesus in your family and community and to realize the eternal destiny of those you love. Pray for those who are struggling with this reality, that they may stand firm in the times of doubt, have hope as they pray for the salvation of friends and family and that this generation will see a mighty turning to the Lord and advance of the Kingdom.
  • “My grandmother is the sweetest, kindest woman,” said a new believer, “but she doesn’t know Jesus and I don’t see how she could ever change her beliefs. All I can do is sit with her, hold her hand and pray for her.” Pray that older people who have followed Is. for so many years will have dreams, encounters with Jesus and mighty revelations of truth, and the opportunity to believe in Him before it is too late.
  • “My father makes me do things that make me ashamed.” Pray for deliverance for a new believer who is in a very bad situation. Pray that she will trust with her whole heart in Jesus and will see Him work on her behalf in a powerful way.

Pray: Take a few minutes to ponder about the situation of these people. Millions of new converts – many of them face the same situations. We joyfully tell people about how people are coming to the Lord, but do not always realise the cost involved.

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