Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

While we see hundreds of thousands of Muslims coming to Christ in the Middle East, there is now also a very clear spike in persecution. From state-sponsored backlash to familial pressures, faith in Christ is under attack. This is increasingly true in countries dominated by radical Islamic ideologies.

Islam is an ideology that you cannot fight with weapons and war. The only real answer is the gospel – to “confront” evil with the love and compassion of Jesus, healing of the sick, deliverance from demons, “a cup of cold water.” The soft powers of love, truth and justice, prayer, caring for the sick and seeing people delivered from demons, won the early church credibility and respect, and eventually conquered the Roman empire. Through this, they won credibility for the church in the face of the “known world” of their time.

Islam is a community-enforced ideology. The community determine what you must believe, what you are allowed to do, what you can eat or not, what clothes you can wear and when and how much you must pray. When you go outside of these confines, you are rejected and can also be killed. Persecution from family, friends, and co-workers is common. The government may step in, but often the community is trying to shut down their faith.

Muslims that come out of Islam, face this every day. It is not easy for them. And now the state is making it more difficult. The increase of persecution amongst Muslims is not in the Middle East alone. It is a global trend.


  • For more open doors.
  • For laws that will make it possible for Christians to live as Christians and to be living witnesses of Jesus.
  • That Christians will be salt in all levels and areas of society. They must live the gospel.


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