Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer


The Word makes it clear that we are to pray and ask of God, that He hears and will answer us. When we pray we are to have an expectation that, if we ask according to God’s will, we will receive from Him what we ask. Every moment, God is in the process of answering prayers of those who call out to Him. We want to give God glory and encourage intercessors, by sharing some stories of what God is doing in answer to prayer. We call these God stories, because these testimonies are all about Him.

Opposition can be terrifying

Despite the warning of imminent danger, Gentry knew in his heart this village needed to hear the story of Jesus. So he gathered his team and prayed, asking God for direction.

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No turning back

Church planting in a Buddhist country is no easier than anywhere else religious intolerance raises its head.

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You are never too old

“Now I know why God has allowed me to live to be this old. It’s so I might know the truth, and also share it with my family.”

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Searching for the truth

It’s quite common for a Muslim to have a dream about Christ. It seems to be one of the Holy Spirit’s favourite ways of getting the attention of those who follow Islam.

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Man of 70 discovers Jesus

During a simple church activation training in Turku, Finland, a 70-year old man discovered Jesus over coffee. “…if only I had heard the gospel earlier and not wasted my years.”

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Healed in a vision

Nabil and his family were refugees. He had a dream in which he was told, “A great sign—a beautiful message—is coming to you tomorrow. The sign is so great that it must be shared all over the world and with every person.”

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