Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer


The Word makes it clear that we are to pray and ask of God, that He hears and will answer us. When we pray we are to have an expectation that, if we ask according to God’s will, we will receive from Him what we ask. Every moment, God is in the process of answering prayers of those who call out to Him. We want to give God glory and encourage intercessors, by sharing some stories of what God is doing in answer to prayer. We call these God stories, because these testimonies are all about Him.

No charm no juju

In certain areas in Mozambique it is common for people to go both to the mosque and to witch doctors to find answers to their problems, and John was no exception.

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God is a good Father

Even if we don’t have a biological daddy anymore, we have a much better heavenly Father who is the founder and Creator of everything, including you! He cares about you and sees you where you are now.

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Refuge in Christ

“I asked God: ‘If you are there, please will you send rain tomorrow’. It was August when it doesn’t rain, and the next day was a bright morning.”

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The Son sets free indeed

Disillusioned with religion, Hamid sought escape from his painful circumstances in drugs and alcohol. “The Pastor on TV said to pray with him during the programme and Jesus Christ would help me.”

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World changer aged 12

Her faith has a ripple effect in her family and community. “What do I have to fear?” she asks, “They are the ones that will be fearing after death if I don’t tell them about Jesus.”

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A doctor’s heart healed

His mind was consumed with the physical—anything spiritual did not concern him. To this doctor, there was no soul, just a body. But his own medical crisis changed all that.

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