Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

The Fulani herdsmen of Nigeria are the cause of much violence and death in the nation. Nearly 350 villagers—mostly Christians—have been killed in Nigeria since the beginning of the year, during at least 32 attacks by Muslim Fulani herdsmen.

In one incident, Fulani herders attacked Christians in two northern villages for no apparent reason. While women and children ran for their lives, the men stayed to try and defend their village. An estimated 50 Christians died, and the villagers lost most of their property in fires the attackers started.

One of the survivors, 36-year-old Comfort Obida, lost her husband in such an attack. “I received a call from my in-laws who told me, ‘Baba is gone. They have killed him,’” she said. Now, she must find a way to provide for her four children.

Many Christian women have been widowed and their children left fatherless in the wake of the attacks.

“I think one of the things we need the most is prayers… whatever is going on right now has some kind of spiritual underpinnings and I believe if we begin to deal with it from that point, it makes it easier,” CBN Nigeria Director Felix Oisamoje explained. “After all, the Bible tells us that we do not war against flesh and blood, so we know there are spiritual issues, so we need to pray.”


  • Pray for God’s protection for Nigerian Christians living in the same areas as the Fulani herdsmen; provision for people that lost family, businesses, homes and all forms of income; emotional and spiritual restoration from the trauma.
  • Pray for Christians to be wise witnesses towards them.
  • Pray for spiritual breakthroughs amongst the Fulani and that through dreams, visions, miracles and Godly interventions violence will be stopped and that they will meet the Prince of Peace.

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