The Yemeni church is asking the world to pray at this time. The 26th of March 2021 marks six years since Yemen’s War began. Only the power of God can pierce the darkness and flood their dry and weary land with the living water of Christ. The people of God must pray and fast in faith! As many from around the world join together this week to pray for Yemen, we believe that God will hear and answer according to His goodness and power.

Yemen endures much. This impoverished nation of 30 million people is enduring the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. For centuries, the people of Yemen have been suffering from severe spiritual warfare and the oppression of the dominion of darkness. Despite the tireless and sacrificial efforts of churches and believers, it is estimated that less than 0.0001% of the population may be followers of Christ. The persecution and oppression against the Yemeni church are extreme.




  • Pray for the war in Yemen to stop, bringing an end to the terrorism and violence that have plagued this land. Pray for a peaceful conclusion to this ongoing war.
  • Pray for the Yemeni church to walk and live worthy of the calling they have received in the Gospel.
  • Pray for the power of God to pierce the darkness and flood their dry and weary land with the living water of Christ.

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