Moria, Europe’s largest refugee camp in Greece, burnt to the ground. Roughly 13,000 refugees are once again homeless.

They fled war and poverty, and started filling this camp since 2015 on their way to northern Europe. Most, however, never made it past this island. Designed for 3000, this camp has held as many as 20,000. Extreme overcrowding has led to deplorable conditions. The suffering is immediate. These people need urgent help for their physical and spiritual needs.

Christians trying to tend to their physical as well as spiritual needs, have learnt to discern, to persevere, to minister to them in their brokenness, to disciple, and to pray that more of them will come to Christ.


  • That other countries and relief organisations will respond to the immediate needs of these refugees regarding shelter, food and clothing.
  • That Christians reaching out to these desperate people, will be Jesus’ feet and hands, helping them with supplies and the support and love that they need, while being sensitive to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
  • Pray for multitudes to turn to Jesus as their refuge and hope in their moment of greatest need.


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