Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

Over the last 20 years, a new and very effective way of evangelism and church planting started to develop in Muslim communities. It is very effective in Muslim communities because it involves whole families and communities of friends. When Muslims hear the gospel with the “Discovery Bible Study method”, it is very common that whole families get converted and that makes it easier for converts to survive spiritually.

Two basic principals drive the Discovery Bible Study initiative. In the first place, it helps people to study the Bible for themselves – in a very simple and practical way that even children can understand. Muslims discover the message of the Bible by reading and applying it. In the end, the Word and the Holy Spirit reveal Jesus to them. The second important thing is that through the process of Discovery Bible studies, people are “trained” to become “disciple-making” disciples – not just disciples.

This method is being used more and more in Muslim nations and among Muslims globally – with great effect.


Ayele worked for 12 years and planted 3 churches. He had a real gift of healing and he prayed for many people. Many became Christians. He had a journal with 10 000 names – people for whom he was praying. One day he felt God said he must throw away his journal. He was quite surprised. But he obeyed and burned his journal.

He and some of his church leaders met with a team of people that were teaching churches and individuals how to use Discovery Bible Studies and to make disciple-making disciples – which means, develop “church planting” churches, that will again plant “church planting” churches.

Within 3 years Ayele saw his 3 churches grew from 3 to 650 house churches – with 40 000 members. Some research showed that by the end of year three, some of the churches were already 27the generation churches (a church that planted a church, that planted a church… 27 generations from the first church.)


  • For more ministries to use this method and to be able to “customise” the model for their own ministries. 
  • Pray for the hundreds of ministries and church (also called church planting movements, to expand rapidly.)
  • Pray for Muslims as they read and study the Bible – for divine revelation and that God will show them that Jesus is Lord and the only one that can save them from their sins.

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