Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer


The Jericho Walls Daily Prayer Guide assists intercessors to pray with thousands of others from around the world, about issues in their own country and in other countries of the world.

The information in the prayer guide is in the form of daily prayer requests and where possible, relevant Scriptures are provided for prayer.  Information about national and international prayer initiatives, as well as training opportunities such as seminars, prayer schools, etc. are also included.

This English Prayer Guide is in PDF format and distributed to subscribers via email. Join the growing number of people who use this daily Prayer Guide by subscribing below.

Alternatively, you can download our FREE Prayer App. That means you can access the daily Prayer Points on your mobile device. Anywhere and anytime.

How to use the Daily Prayer Guide:

  • Use the information for your personal prayer times and encourage others to use this prayer guide.
  • Consider starting a small prayer group and use some of the prayer points.
  • You are welcome to use any of the prayer points for your church’s prayer bulletin, or at any other prayer events.

Use the Daily Prayer Guide and ignite your prayer time!


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