Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

The constant stream of refugees to Europe is increasing the crisis. Much resistance has built up in Europe, but more and more refugees are trying to get into Europe – unaware of the emotions of the Europeans.

It is simply impossible to accommodate more people in a place like Europe, with its own challenges in terms of employment and the already large number of asylum seekers and refugees.

Simultaneously, it is also a huge opportunity for the church to reach these people for whose salvation we have been praying over the last decades. Now they are in a place where it is easier to evangelise them. The problem, however, is the weak church in Europe.


  • Let us pray for an awakening in the church in Europe so that it would be able to reach out to the hundreds of thousands of refugees and immigrants.
  • Pray that “outreach” will be more than just giving food and blankets. People need Jesus and to be born again.

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