A call has gone out from different national and international Christian ministries, to have a focussed time of prayer and fasting regarding the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Believers are encouraged to fast on 22 March 2020, and to form small prayer groups to come together to humble themselves before God and earnestly pray for God’s mercy across the nations of the world.


Fasting has always been one of the ways that God’s people used to humble themselves before the Lord in times of extreme crisis. There are countless Biblical examples of fasting (Neh.1:4; Dan.9:3; Ezra 8:21,22; 1Sam.1:7; 2Sam.12:17; Judg.20:26; Psa.35:13; Act.13:2,3). Biblical fasting is to refrain from eating (and sometimes drinking) for a specific time. We encourage people to fast for 1 meal, for 1 day or for 3 days. Believers are also encouraged to continue with fasting once a week during the National State of Disaster.

Many churches have cancelled their Sunday Services in compliance with the National State of Disaster restrictions on gatherings of more than 100 people. But there is no limit on small groups gathering for prayer. We therefore encourage prayer groups to meet where possible, to pray for each other and for the prayer points listed beneath. We also encourage prayer groups to use social media like Whatsapp, Zoom and Skype, to pray together on a regular basis.

It is the duty of the Church to give guidance in a time of national and international crises. One way to do that is to refrain from spreading lies, disinformation and fake news. Fake news has a very negative effect on people, and it diminishes our faith. It is directly opposed to truth. Forwarding any message without discerning or testing its validity, is spreading lies and falsehood. Let us refrain from doing so and rather give ourselves to prayer about this matter.


Prayer Resources for Download
The following are some guidelines for people who want to pray about this issue. It can be used for the church in South Africa, but also globally on 22 March 2020:
Prayer points for focussed prayer and fasting regarding COVID-19

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