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The UNHCR recently released a report that says, that compared to last year, 500 000 more refugee minors are not in school this year. Altogether, this results in four million school-aged refugee children who are not attending school. Children’s education has been disrupted by violence in their home nations and it’s been forgotten as they’ve been forced to flee to refugee camps with poor conditions.

In Greece’s Camp Moria, there are 1 600 school-aged children right now.  Only 400 of that 1 600 children have any kind of an educational program. Children need basic education to prepare them for future life, building character and to teach them to love and to forgive. Refugee children have been traumatised by witnessing violence both in their home countries and in the refugee camps.

In the cramped Camp Moria, violent riots break out on a daily basis and there have been sexual assaults. Children are witnessing all of these actions and know only hate and strife.


·      For teachers, trauma counsellors, medicine, food, basic needs in terms of clothing, ways to eventually be integrated into society and the basic skills to start businesses or find work in different industries.

·      That the children can begin with education and intensive counselling. These children will not leave these refugee camps very soon.  Pray that they will find a way to build a life in the midst of this situation.

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