Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

This is the testimony of a Japanese man who looked to Buddha during many difficult times in his life, but couldn’t find the salvation he was longing for. Then one day he bought a Bible and turned on his radio…

“I am a 45 year old man, whose parents were faithful Buddhists, therefore, I was automatically given a Buddhist name and became active in temple activities. I even entered the resident Buddhist priesthood. However, when I longed for salvation in my difficult days, Buddha could not save me.

“An exceptional trial was my mother’s death by cancer ten years ago. Her suffering face is still so clear in my memory that I ask myself, ‘Why? She was such a faithful Buddhist and yet… why?’

“Following that, there was the March 2011 devastating disaster. Being a victim myself of the Kobe earthquake seventeen years ago, I felt desperate. I became very aware of the helplessness of humans.

“The most impressive thing for me was to watch the positive attitude of Christians around me. Naturally most people cried, “Where is God? Where is Buddha?” On the contrary, I heard no complaints from Christians. All they did was pray quietly and depend on their God to give them strength, by which I was deeply touched.

“So I plucked up my courage and bought a Bible in February 2013 and started reading from the Old Testament. Everything sounded so Greek that I knocked on a church door and began attending their worship service. The pastor encouraged me to listen to FEBC. I began listening to [the] broadcasts every day and read the Bible along with [the] programme called ‘Today’s Word of God.’ I also enrolled in FEBC’s Bible Correspondence Course. Now I sincerely seek the Lord, trusting that Jesus Christ will lead me step by step.

Source: FEBC

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