God has been doing amazing things during the pandemic year. In spite of lockdowns and difficulties, His Kingdom is advancing among the unreached! Raj*, a South Asian church planter, told of significant breakthroughs. Some of these are among unreached high caste Hindu peoples.

Raj shared his account of what has been happening. “For almost eighteen years I have been praying for high caste people to come to Christ. I’ve planted several churches but they were mostly among lower castes and the poor,” he told me. “I asked myself. Why are high caste people not coming to Christ?”

Then, he described the pressure and persecution they faced from anti-Christian groups nearby. “The Hindu fundamentalists come and accuse us. ‘Why are the Christians in your church only poor and low-caste uneducated people? You are manipulating them. They don’t know any better, so they are converting.‘”

“When I heard their accusations I felt sad. It forced me to intercede more for the unreached peoples, especially those who are from Brahmin or Kshatriya castes. I cried out to God and prayed continuously for them to come to faith. Earnestly, I prayed for God to open the doors of their hearts.

“During the lockdown, things began to change. We started ministering to two families who were from a high caste group. They have both now believed and taken baptism. They are doing very well in their faith and growing day by day.” The one family had come to faith in Jesus after experiencing healing and deliverance. The other family through another miracle.

“We got to know a new contact in an area not far away. A young family was married for ten years, but had not been able to conceive. They visited many doctors and many Hindu gurus (Babas) but nothing changed. They were so discouraged with their situation and longed for a child. This chronic situation caused them great grief and sadness.

“The couple first heard about Jesus through one of our faithful believers. We have been training everyone to share the message of Christ. As one family from our fellowship did this, the couple was interested to hear more. They came to the home of the believer and shared their problem in depth. Our believers, both husband and wife, together prayed for them. This happened about ten months ago.

“They mobilised others to also pray for the couple. They called me and asked me to seriously pray, which I did. After one month of regular prayer, the wife got pregnant! Now they have a beautiful baby boy. They asked us to name their son and we called him Abishek (Anointing). Our God is a faithful God who listens and answers prayer if we believe in Him!”

This YWAM church planter had been willing to pray long and hard until the breakthrough came. He prayed consistently and faithfully for many, many years for this people group before he saw the first fruits.

Rather than getting offended when the Hindu fundamentalists accused him, Raj let it move him to his knees. Persecution and attack made him pray more fervently for the lost. He allowed it to set him on fire in his prayer closet, until the breakthrough came.

* Name has been changed for security reasons.

(The original article was shortened.)
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