When God Renews People (e-book only)

How the Holy Spirit has moved in people through the ages.

Author: Bennie Mostert

Description: We live in a time where everything seems to fall apart. Crime, corruption and wars are at the order of the day. Isn’t there something we can do about it? When God Renews People focuses on the major revivals that have occurred throughout the ages, and will strengthen readers’ faith and lead them on a new journey with God.

Publisher: Carpe Diem Media

ISBN: 9781770312777

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Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire

Authors: Jim Cymbala & Dean Merrill

Description: The times are urgent. God is on the move. Now is the moment to ask God to ignite his fire in your soul! Pastor Jim Cymbala believes that Jesus wants to renew his people—to call us back from spiritual dead ends, apathy, and lukewarm religion. Thirty-five years ago Cymbala’s own church, the Brooklyn Tabernacle, was a struggling congregation of twenty. Then they began to pray … God began to move … street-hardened lives by the hundreds were changed by the love of Christ … and today they are more than ten thousand strong. Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire shows what the Holy Spirit can do when believers get serious about prayer and the gospel. God moves in life-changing ways when we set aside our own agendas, take him at his word, and listen for his voice.

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 9780310251538

Availability: At leading bookstores

Praying With Purpose (e-book only)

Author: Bennie Mostert

Description: Putting prayer into practice is the main focus of Praying with Purpose. Bennie Mostert firmly believes that you learn to pray by praying. He presents practical guidelines on 40 different topics, each with an assortment of relevant Scripture verses. A study guide on each topic directs you toward a more meaningful prayer life.

Publisher: Christian Art Publishers

ISBN: 9781432101855

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With Christ in the School of Prayer

Author: Andrew Murray

Description: Few books have had as much impact on calling the church to prayer as Andrew Murray’s classic, With Christ in the School of Prayer. As you saturate yourself in the timeless wisdom found here, you will discover how to prepare yourself for effective participation in the great privilege Christ has extended to believers–to join with Him in intercessory prayer.

Publisher: Whitaker House

ISBN: 9780883681060

Availability: At leading bookstores

The Imitation Of Christ

Author: Thomas a Kempis

Description: Thomas a Kempis was not a haphazard follower of Jesus. The depth of his masterpiece mirrors the life of a man who did whatever was necessary to imitate his own Savior. A Kempis lived as intentionally as he wrote. We must turn away from the things of this world, we must live sacrificially, we must be inundated with Christ’s passionate teaching, and we must pray to be removed from distraction.

‘This is the most widely published and read book on spirituality in our tradition’ – Eugene Peterson

Publisher: Moody Publishers

ISBN: 9780802456533

Availability: At leading bookstores

Secrets of a Prayer Warrior (e-book)

Author: Derek Prince

Description: A definite guide to effective, life-changing prayer, helping you to cultivate a new life as one of God’s prayer warriors. It also answers these essential questions and more:
– How can I be certain my prayers will be answered?
– How can I discover God’s will for my life?
Practical strategies like fasting, biblical study, discipline, and consistency are extensively explained and illustrated by powerful testimonies.

Publisher: Chosen, a division of Baker Publishing Group

ISBN: 9781441204158

Availability: Order from online bookstore

Power in Prayer

Author: Andrew Murray

Description: You are invited to fully experience the power of drawing close to Christ through prayer. These inspiring and practical devotions, gathered from Andrew Murray’s most beloved books, will help focus your heart and mind on the vital aspects of an effective prayer life. Accompanied by memorable Bible passages, the more than 150 readings have been edited with updated language to speak as clearly today as they did to previous generations

Publisher: Baker Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780764209314

Availability: At leading bookstores


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