Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

The reading of the Bible is one of the top five reasons why Muslims become Christians.

There is a shortage of Bibles in the Muslim world. A big problem is that large numbers of especially the unreached Muslim populations, cannot read. Let us pray for Audio Bibles for people that need them. Pray for efficiently trained workers that can help these illiterate people to maximise the use of these Audio Bibles.

Through the internet and smartphone apps, both Bibles and Audio Bibles are available in hundreds of languages in all the nations of the world.


  • Pray for funding for especially Audio Bibles, that is expensive but also very useful. Pray for effective distribution of these Audio Bibles.
  • Pray that more Muslims will discover the apps where they can download written Bibles in their language plus the Audio Bibles to which they can listen to on their smartphones.


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