Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

Although Asia Bibi was acquitted of all blasphemy charges by the Pakistan supreme court last week, she is still behind bars. Her prison has been converted into a safehouse and everyone who enters or prepares Bibi’s food is searched.

Asia Bibi was charged with blasphemy in 2010 after a dispute in which her Muslim female co-workers said they would not drink from the same water bucket as Bibi because she is a Christian.

Large-scale riots followed when Asia Bibi was acquitted of all blasphemy charges (against the Q’uran and the prophet Muhammed). Christians in general fear retaliation against them and not without reason.

Asia Bibi’s family ask for asylum in nations in the west and several offered asylum. However, this also creates problems.

  • For Asia Bibi and her family to safely get out of Pakistan where they certainly will be killed if she stays there.
  • Pray for the protection of Christians in Pakistan in this time of very violent protests in Pakistan and where Muslims are asking for even stronger enforcement of the blasphemy law in the nation.
  • Pray for spiritual breakthroughs – where especially senior leaders (sheikhs, imams, political leaders, leaders of extremist and military groups) will come to salvation and that they will become bold disciples of Jesus Christ as the Saviour.


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