Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer


At Jericho Walls we are passionate about equipping believers with resources that will take them deeper in their prayer life. God has called us to unceasing prayer for all people and in all circumstances. He wants us to mature spiritually and to take up our place as prayer warriors for the advancement of His kingdom.  The resources we provide will equip you with practical ways to grow in your prayer life and with inspiration to realise the impact God wants to effect through your prayers. Our resources are available in a number of different languages so more people can be equipped. Use the search function at the top of this page to find the articles that you are looking for.

Bid só vir ‘n ongeredde persoon

Dit is die Heilige Gees wat aan gelowiges ‘n begeerte gee vir ongeredde persone om tot redding te kom, maar nie almal is seker hoe hulle effektief vir die persone kan bid nie. God het ons as priesters aangestel (Op 1:6) en as priester kan jy intree vir ‘n ongeredde persoon om met Hom versoen te word. (Also available in English)

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Jesus’ blood shed for us

Lord Jesus Christ, You loved us and washed us from our sins in your blood. Thank You for offering yourself through the eternal Spirit, without blemish to God and so to purchase us, the Church of God, with your blood.

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Jesus se bloed vir ons uitgestort

Here Jesus Christus, U het ons verlos van ons sondes deur U bloed. Dankie dat U Uself as volkome offer aan God gegee het deur die Ewige Gees, en ons losgekoop het as gemeente van God deur U Bloed.

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Pray for teenagers

By the age of 18, more than 60% of teenagers have been drunk. 32% of teens admit to intentionally accessing nude or pornographic content online. Two hours of gaming has the same impact as snorting one line of cocaine. Will you pray for the protection of teenagers from destructive temptations?

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The thorn in your flesh

Most Christians will testify to having a thorn in the flesh. It may be present for a while, but also something you may have to deal with for the rest of your life. [Ook beskikbaar in Afrikaans.]

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Humility and confession

Don’t hide your sin. “Whoever conceals their sins does not prosper, but the one who confesses and renounces them finds mercy.” Proverbs 28:13. [Ook beskikbaar in Afrikaans.]

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Men can say “No”

When men live pure and holy lives according to God’s standards, it is reflected in their marriages. It makes their families holy, it spills over into their congregation and influences their workplace, and ultimately also society.

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Dedicating to God(7): The church

Father, we pray for the church in South Africa, that she will yield to the cry of Your Spirit to consecrate and set herself apart for You. Give her a renewed hunger and thirst after Your written Word.

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10 Things to pray for a hospital

Hospitals need to be equipped and able to treat sick and hurting patients. Let us regularly pray for our local, provincial and academic hospitals, their staff and for patients.

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Verootmoediging en sondebelydenis

Moenie jou sonde wegsteek nie. “Wie sy sonde wegsteek, moet niks goeds te wagte wees nie; wie sy sonde bely en daarvan afsien, sal genade ontvang.” Spreuke 28:13. Also available in English.

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The Cambuslang Revival – Scotland (1741-1744)

“The power of God was present from one end of the crowd to the other like lightning flashing across; you could see thousands bathed in tears, some wringing their hands, others almost swooning, and others crying out …” (Ook beskikbaar in Afrikaans)

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