Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer


At Jericho Walls we are passionate about equipping believers with resources that will take them deeper in their prayer life. God has called us to unceasing prayer for all people and in all circumstances. He wants us to mature spiritually and to take up our place as prayer warriors for the advancement of His kingdom.  The resources we provide will equip you with practical ways to grow in your prayer life and with inspiration to realise the impact God wants to effect through your prayers. Our resources are available in a number of different languages so more people can be equipped. Use the search function at the top of this page to find the articles that you are looking for.

The Word is alive and powerful

If we doubt the Scripture and God’s words, we do not have any power to bring life and order, and so our lives are destroyed. From the beginning this was Satan’s tactic, and today it still is.

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The authority of the Bible

People have subjected the Word of God to innumerable attacks. It has been burned, discredited, questioned, and made suspect; yet the Word is still standing. People come and go, but the Word remains forever.

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Fasting and prayer

The Lord Jesus doesn’t forbid fasting, neither does He give the impression anywhere in the Bible that He thinks it is not necessary to fast and pray anymore. Quite the contrary. But He lays down only one condition for fasting: sincerity.

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Our motives in prayer

Consider the things you are currently praying about. Why do you pray about them? Often we pray about the right things, but with the wrong motive.

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Desperate prayers

Desperate prayer is like someone drowning, gasping for air. It is to grasp at God with hope – on the basis of His character, His promises, the blood, the cross, His covenant, His invitation and His throne of grace.

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Attacks on spiritual workers

Spiritual workers and Christians in general are not mercilessly handed over to the assaults of the wiles of the devil. The fact remains though that there are onslaughts, conflicts and temptations against them, and that many suffer spiritual injury in the process.

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Pray for new believers

It is important that we intercede purposefully for new converts. Allow the Holy Spirit to bring them to spiritual maturity and to change them to be conformed to the image of Christ.

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Using the Bible in prayer

God speaks to us through His Word and through prayer we respond. George Müller wrote: “ heart being nourished by the Truth, being brought into true fellowship with God, I speak to my Father and to my Friend about the things that He has brought before me in his precious Word.”

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The work of prayer

Why is the church so powerless? Why does it have so little effect in the world? Why can’t the church succeed in taking the gospel to all the unreached nations? Why do people become converted but fail to grow to spiritual maturity?

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