Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer


At Jericho Walls we are passionate about equipping believers with resources that will take them deeper in their prayer life. God has called us to unceasing prayer for all people and in all circumstances. He wants us to mature spiritually and to take up our place as prayer warriors for the advancement of His kingdom.  The resources we provide will equip you with practical ways to grow in your prayer life and with inspiration to realise the impact God wants to effect through your prayers. Our resources are available in a number of different languages so more people can be equipped. Use the search function at the top of this page to find the articles that you are looking for.

The work of prayer

Why is the church so powerless? Why does it have so little effect in the world? Why can’t the church succeed in taking the gospel to all the unreached nations? Why do people become converted but fail to grow to spiritual maturity?

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Prayer walking

The purpose of prayer walking is to pray on-site with insight. It is a spiritual act. We pray for the presence of God in a particular area, and for His Spirit to proclaim the kingdom of God physically and spiritually in that area.

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Times of fear and anxiety

Fear does not change anything; it only robs you of your strength for today. There is no better antidote for fear than knowledge (personal, experiential, faith knowledge) of God the Father.

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Victory over feelings of guilt

All people struggle with feelings of guilt at some point. Some suppress these feelings and others are oppressed by their guilt feelings. What you do with your feelings of guilt, is your choice.

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When you need to forgive and need forgiveness

Forgiveness, together with grace, is what makes the gospel of Jesus Christ different from any other religion. Forgiveness builds on the foundation of grace. Whether we sin against God or people, the road to forgiveness is simply to ask forgiveness.

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Times of persecution and opposition

Persecution is part of a Christian’s life. A large part of the teaching of Jesus and the new Testament, deal with persecution and attacks on Christians. God, in His eternal wisdom decided to allow persecution in our lives for His own reasons.

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Pray as an employer

There is a difference between a career and a calling. Your calling has priority over your career. As a Christian, you are called to proclaim the gospel of the salvation and Lordship of Christ to people. God gives us a career through which we can live out our calling.

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Personal prayer checklist

Determine your actual standing as far as your prayer life is concerned. Go through the questions one by one and check your own prayer life.

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