Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer


At Jericho Walls we are passionate about equipping believers with resources that will take them deeper in their prayer life. God has called us to unceasing prayer for all people and in all circumstances. He wants us to mature spiritually and to take up our place as prayer warriors for the advancement of His kingdom.  The resources we provide will equip you with practical ways to grow in your prayer life and with inspiration to realise the impact God wants to effect through your prayers. Our resources are available in a number of different languages so more people can be equipped. Use the search function at the top of this page to find the articles that you are looking for.

Guidelines to pray for Buddhists

Two centuries of evangelical Christianity’s engagement with the Buddhist world have resulted in less than 5% of Buddhist heartlands coming to Christ. Much prayer is needed for Buddhists to come to a knowledge of and living relationship with Jesus Christ.

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As for me and my house…NO Halloween

Halloween is on 31 October every year. The uninformed Christian has no idea that demonic spirits are actually contacted and activated as people call out to them in jest or in seriousness.

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The Prosperity Gospel

Increased destruction is being sown amongst people on the Continent of Africa (especially those who are unsuspecting, impoverished, and needy) as a result of the preaching of the ‘Prosperity Gospel’.

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When a natural disaster strikes

If you have not experienced it yourself, it is pretty impossible to imagine what goes through the hearts and minds of people facing a sudden natural disaster. The number of natural disasters worldwide is more frequent than ever before. How do we pray about disasters...

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Praying for the sick

Praying for the sick is actually very simple, yet many people are afraid to pray for a sick person because they fear the person will not be healed or they simply don’t know what or how to pray. The only way to escape these fears is to deal with them head-on! If you...

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