Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

“Glory to God!” This was the reaction of two SAT-7 producers in Algeria after 3 churches in the country were reopened after seven months of closure.

Three churches recently closed down by authorities in Algeria’s northern province of Oran have been told they can reopen. “We are very pleased to be able to resume our activities without fear of new threats. We hope that all churches can be regularised and able to work in peace and freedom. Such a thing can only be beneficial to the image of the country,” said Pastor Seghir.

Algeria is experiencing a spiritual revival amongst the Kabyle Berber. It is said that there is at least one Christian fellowship or church in the 2000 existing Kabyle towns in Algeria. It is difficult to estimate the number of converts but the most conservative estimate is that there are well over 100 000.


  • Thank God for this very clear answer to prayer.
  • Pray for the churches that remain closed, to also be reopened.
  • Pray for the broadcasts of SAT-7 and the distribution of the Jesus film in several of languages in Algeria. Tens of thousands are watching these videos on the internet all over Algeria.

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