Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

The Hajj 2018 ended on 24 August 2018. Men and women on the Hajj this year were searching for spiritual enlightenment and truth in Islam. However, after the Hajj, many are going to find themselves empty and discouraged.

Muslims are meeting Jesus through miraculous dreams and visions, but they are also coming to know Christ as Saviour through interactions with His followers.

The Church needs to pray for Muslim men and women after the Hajj to enter into conversations with Christians who can tell them about Jesus.


  • For Christians to listen without condemnation, with real interest and love to Muslims about their visit to Mecca.
  • That God will prepare the hearts of Muslims and Christians for such conversations.
  • For Muslims to ask honest questions to themselves about their “Hajj” experience.


Perry LaHaie with Frontiers USA shares how one such interaction right after the Hajj changed the life of Hassan*, a Muslim man trapped in deep depression.

“He thought if he went on the Hajj, maybe he would be healed. But on the bus ride home, [Hassan] felt even more depressed, so he talked to the bus driver. He shared his pain. The driver encouraged him to pour out his heart to Jesus.

“When he got off the bus, he sat down at a bench and he prayed to Jesus. The moment he spoke the name of Jesus, his heart was filled with joy. He started jumping for joy! He didn’t care who was watching! A few days later, he watched a film on the life of Jesus and he decided to follow Him.”

The Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam and considered a duty that all financially and physically capable Muslim adults must complete at least once in a lifetime. Because of the immense pressure on the Hajj in Islam, the disappointing return from the Hajj can sometimes be the first time someone questions the Islamic faith.

LaHaie says, “The prayer here would be that Muslims would be disillusioned with Islam after the Hajj and would realize and would have a hunger to seek more about the prophet that they read about in the Koran and then turn to the New Testament, the Injil. And by the prophet in the Koran, of course, I mean Jesus — ‘Isa’.”

Ask God to create opportunities in your own life to interact with Muslims in your community. Pray for wisdom and grace to build relationships, hear their stories, and share your faith with them. You never know when you may be speaking with a potential brother or sister in Christ.

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