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A woman struggling with her husband’s addiction is a common story in today’s Iran. The solution is hard to find, but all it took for Sahar and Peyman was a shared taxi ride and a faithful Christian sharing the Good News with those around her.

Peyman’s longstanding addiction to opiates had been a constant source of heartache for his wife Sahar. They were both suffering the complications and pain that drug addictions bring to both the addict and their families.



One day Sahar had to take a ride in a taxi; the shared kind that are most common in Iranian cities and towns. Sahar knows it was God’s provision for her to be in that particular taxi at that particular time. The woman sharing the ride with her began to share the Gospel with the taxi driver and, looking back, Sahar can see God’s perfect timing for her to hear the Good News.

“I spoke with the woman I met in the taxi afterwards and asked questions about Jesus. We became friends. About two weeks after we met she came to our house. As we chatted I asked her how I could become a believer and she prayed with me.

“On the same day, I told my husband that I had become a believer. He was very concerned and told me not to tell anyone.”

Sahar started to watch SAT-7 programmes and before long Peyman was watching with her. She encouraged him and told him about love, forgiveness, and freedom in Christ. After hearing how Pastor Miltan, who presents the Our Neighbourhood programme had been freed from addiction, they decided to contact the programme and ask for prayer for Peyman.



Pastor Miltan and his wife Shemiran, called and spoke with Peyman.

“As a Pastor, one of the most important things to me is people coming to faith in Jesus. I particularly have a heart for people who are in the grip of addictions. I know from experience the pain endured by everyone involved, both the addict and their loved ones.

“One truly encouraging thing that stood out for me was Sahar’s faithfulness and staying power. She did not criticise or condemn Peyman, choosing instead to encourage him. She was the main actor in getting us involved and her influence helped Peyman to come to a saving faith in God. I know that Peyman is deeply indebted to her.”



Peyman is amazed by all that has happened: “For twenty years I was addicted to opiates, but by the power of God and through the prayers of my wife, my friends, and Pastor Miltan, I have been freed from bondage.

“I was not alone; the power and strength of the Lord protected and guided me. I was able to bear the pain. I trusted in God and did not have to depend on pills because I remembered the suffering Jesus embraced for our sakes.

“I thank God that I am in full health and I am so thankful for the SAT-7 prayers. Mark 14 verse 38 is a beautiful verse for me – ‘Watch and pray lest you enter into temptation.’”


Source: SAT-7

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