1. No, God is not allowing evil – people are choosing evil. It is true that we do not understand the complexity of evil and “why God allows it”. To blame God as the reason for evil, while we do not fully understand or struggle with the answer, does not solve the problem. The problem doesn’t disappear when you turn your back on God and become an atheist because you “cannot believe in such a God.” To say that you do not understand how an all-powerful, all-loving God can allow evil, proves at least one thing: your own limitedness.

2. Can God stop evil? But then we become robots, predetermined puppets with no will at all, forced to do God’s will – like a computer that is pre-programmed to perform only certain functions. The result will be that we have no free will: no choice about whom we want to marry, the food we will eat, the clothes we want to wear or the people we want to love. Actually, there will be no love at all. If you want love to exist, then it logically follows that evil will also exist.

3. God went the distance when he gave his own Son to break the power of evil on the cross. While evil still exists in many places, a time is coming where there will be no evil.

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