Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer


30 May – 8 June


Revival never just happens. There is always a time of preparation preceding it, and preparation always includes prayer.

During the ten days starting on Ascension Day, let us pray that God the Father would pour out His Spirit afresh on the church as at so many times in the history of the church.  (Acts 4:31; 8:15-16; 10:44; 11:15).  It was in such times of spiritual revival that God changed countries and nations completely.

Revival has a godly element that cannot be explained in human terms. There is an inexplicable presence of God. Ultimately, revival brings exceptional joy and the absolute certainty of one’s salvation. Scottish preacher and revivalist, Duncan Campbell, described revival as ‘a people saturated with God.’

Ask God to make your heart burn anew to pray fervently for the powerful working of His Spirit in your life, your community and the country.


Daily Prayer Guide

You can use the following daily prayer guide in your personal or group prayer time during these 11 days. The prayer points are also available in our Jericho Walls Prayer App so that you can receive them daily on your mobile phone.  Please also share this with others, to encourage them to pray and wait on the Holy Spirit for revival.


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