Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer

International Christian Concern has documented that nearly 500 villagers have been killed since January 2018 in attacks by radical Fulani militants. Militants feel threatened. They are herdsmen and try to protect their land. But they are also staunch Muslims and very radical. There are very few Fulani Christians. The Fulani is basically an unreached people group. In the previous decades, thousands of Christians have been killed.

The attackers consistently burn homes and churches and displace Christians from their land and means of livelihood. The recent attacks are part of an escalating pattern that the Nigerian government and international media have failed to address.

Without the help of believers in other parts of the world, many of the surviving Christians will continue to suffer in the years to come and will continue to struggle to provide the basics for their families.


  • For the plight of Christians to be addressed by international media and governments.
  • For the Nigerian government to take effective steps to address this situation.
  • For Christians not to retaliate and that the testimony of the Christians will bring many of these radicals to Christ.
  • Pray for senior Fulani leaders to start protecting the Christians.
  • Ask God for a radical intervention that will bring large numbers of Fulani into the kingdom of God.

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