Mobilising, training and equipping Christians for prayer


A special prayer initiative with either a national or an international prayer focus, will occassionally be launced as the need arises. These initiatives may be of a short or longer duration and will be communicated here.  You can also sign up to receive these special prayer initiative alerts via email.

SAT-7 Week of prayer for the MENA

Christians of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are remaining faithful witnesses in a changing world. Be part of a global prayer chain interceding for the MENA region. Register for the SAT-7 Week of Prayer: 4-11 November 2018.

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Tibetan monks visiting South Africa

26 September – 21 October 2018. Tibetan masters will be visiting locations in SA to perform spiritual ceremonies. Since the origins of these practices are not Holy Spirit inspired, curses in different forms are released into the nations they visit. This requires urgent prayer by believers.

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Pray for the Unsaved – 16 October

Every person who has not accepted Christ as Saviour is being taken away to death. Set time aside on 16 October 2018 to pray for 10 unsaved people. May God get the glory for each person who accepts Christ as their Saviour through our prayers for their salvation.

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Watching over the nation

As South Africa prepares for the 2019 elections, new alignments are taking place which are opening political and spiritual doors that will have far-reaching consequences in our nation. This is a time to increase our prayers for the nation.

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7 Days on the Wall – 2018

Urgently calling all Christians in South Africa (local churches, prayer watches and organisations) to take 7 days (168 hours) during 2018 to pray night-and-day, earnestly seeking God for revival in South Africa!

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Thanksgiving for rain – 17 or 24 June

Take some time on Sunday, 17 or 24 June 2018, to thank and praise the Lord for the good rains we have already received in some parts of the country – particularly in the Western Cape – and pray that the rain will continue.

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Arise Shine Prayer Day – 1 May 2018

A special initiative on the 1st of May to continue to pray for spiritual awakening. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven!

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“It’s Time” 24 March 2018 – Prayer Update

The main focus of the prayer gathering in Mitchell’s Plain (Cape Town) on 24 March 2018, will not only be on the need for rain in drought-stricken regions of South Africa. There is also a deep spiritual drought in our nation. Let us pray for nothing less than revival!

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“Ground Zero” Prayer

We invite all South Africans to join this 40 day prayer initiative leading up to the “It’s Time” prayer event to be held in Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town on 24 March 2018.

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